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We have been asked by our sponsors, Wesleyan, to share their exciting new project. Details are below:

The financial wellbeing of  students is important to us. That’s why here at Wesleyan we have been working on an exciting project called ‘The Next Step’, designed to provide graduates with financial know-how as they transition from student to professional.

Our roadshow opened at the University of Warwick, with a panel of young doctors talking first hand to medical students to address their concerns around finances and lifestyle after graduation. Maintaining a work/life balance was a key theme here, covering not only the tricky few months between the last instalment of the student loan and the first pay cheque, but also the network and facilities available to new doctors to support their physical and mental health. Future events will address other important topics from opening your own practice to saving up to buy property, and will be touring the country to meet medical and dental students nationwide.

To support the live roadshow, an online hub has been launched to make the discussions and highlights from the events available to students on demand. Additional resources such as articles, interviews and podcasts will be posted here and regularly updated to address the most common topics of interest to students and provide them with practical information. Here you can check out the great discussions had at our first event:


We will be coming to Sheffield on 29th April 2019 at 12:45 for a lunch reception prior to the event. Get your Free ticket here. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-next-step-sheffield-hear-from-the-brightest-sparks-in-medicine-tickets-59580623248

Medical and dental students nationwide can stay connected with The Next Step community via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is a great way for students to follow the roadshow, check out teasers of upcoming events and content on the online hub and connect with one another to discuss financial and lifestyle topics. The handles for these social media channels are below:

Facebook: @nextstepwesleyan –  https://www.facebook.com/nextstepwesleyan/?ref=br_rs

Twitter: @TheWesNextStep – https://twitter.com/TheWesNextStep


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